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"Even though none of the things the programme promised me have happened yet - e.g. better sleep, better skin, more energy, a few kilos less, being less bloated - I'm not in a bad mood and I also don't think about giving up." - Klara Butt

If BODY RESET is an ascent of a mountain, today would be the middle of that journey: we’re at the half-way point between the valley station and the summit cross. Definitely not the time for a résumé because the most interesting part of an ascent usually comes at the end. And of course I can’t really make a reliable prediction yet about what I will and what I won’t achieve. But I cal turn around and enjoy the view into the valley and tell you something about whether the air is different up here, whether my shoes are uncomfortable and what else there is to talk about – for example, tell you about all the surprises up until now. And there have been a few, and I’m happy about them , because if everything would’ve gone to plan I could have just not done this. Because, let’s be honest, why would a mega-fan of McDonald’s vanilla milkshakes suddenly switch to psyllium husks, if not in the anticipation of surprises? *** One of these surprises is that my past as a sugar junkie doesn’t have to be a curse but it can actually play into my hands. Because all these chocolate croissants and cakes taught me that chocolate equals sweet. And now in the mornings my little confused brain thinks that
I just ate something sweet whenever I eat my (now without tigernut and thus completely sugar-free) chocolate pudding (a freestyle adaption of the recipe in the workbook). I thought it would be other way around and my sweet tooth would not be satisfied with anything less than half a bag of gummy bears. But I guess I was a little too scare of it than necessary. *** Another surprise was how quick the switch works and how quickly new routines establish themselves. The pudding I mentioned above, for example. I always prepare it in the evening, on auto-pilot, and then it just sits there, waiting for me in the morning and I don’t have to exert any effort into how I’m supposed to have breakfast without wheat, sugar, and milk. I’m really grateful for all the small tricks and prepare-while-I’m-asleep recipes because, to be honest, my life is way to stressful and bustling to invent new recipes every day. I’ll keep that for a later BODY RESET. *** I really don’t give a fuck about what others are eating. I thought I would die of jealousy whenever anyone around me is enjoying their pasta and their cake. And I wasn’t only worrying about that but I actually have to feed the kids every single day. Tomorrow my brother will come for a visit with his girlfriend, so I guess I’ll have to bake a cake for that and it will not be free of sugar. And that’s not hard at all! Crazy. I don’t even want to say that I’m just that strong-minded (I’m definitely not, as previously mentioned) or very gritty (nobody who read my complainy posts would think that). But it’s simply the fact that actually this is incredibly simple. Next Thursday will be the the summer party of the agency where I work and up until now I haven’t really worried about smelling the barbecue and going crazy about it. I’m also not constantly thinking “Yes, just keep eating this stuff, you idiots, you’ll see where it leaves you” whenever my colleagues come back from lunch with doughnuts in hand. They are them and I am me. And that is coming from someone who used to be unable to ignore what others are eating! *** I’ll admit, I prefer real yogurt and real milk. But against all expectations, coconut yogurt and pea milk are totally fine and no reason to grow desperate about. *** My first BODY RESET success was my back pain that just disappeared, and now I have an explanation for that (which I should have thought about earlier but oh well): last week I had this nasty cold, but due to my epilepsy I should avoid developing a fever and, as a countermeasure, took some ibuprofen. And ibuprofen, obviously, also takes away my back pain. However, I will give it a few more days; inflammations can be quite stubborn but I want to be more stubborn. *** Even though none of the things the programme promised me have happened yet – e.g. better sleep, better skin, more energy, a few kilos less, being less bloated – I’m not in a bad mood and I also don’t think about giving up. For one, this is way to thrilling, secondly it’s just half-time, and lastly while nothing ‘objectively’ improved I still feel subjectively that things are moving along. As a purely cerebral person (who according to my friends ‘doesn’t have any feelings’) I do struggle with describing this in more detail. But whatever it is, it keeps me in check. And that never happened before! Up until now, with any dieting programme that didn’t do what it promised to do right away, I just decided that I’ve always known that this is all a bunch of bullshit and without looking back just quit. So something about BODY RESET is making me stay, and doing so with pleasure. This is different! This time it’s different! And I can’t wait to see how much different it will be in the next days.

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