“Dear Susanne,

I liked it exceptionally well, it was fun, and although I only know you by the screen in a frontal teaching format, it gave me beautiful moments of you-are-not-alone feeling.

I became aware of the course during my last visit to the hairdresser – through one of the many magazines you can flip through while “coloring the roots.” Now I’m not the patient type and also need a flexible “appointment scheduling,” which is why I have not waited until the start of the following live course. So I booked it online right away in the hairdresser’s chair and started one day later.

Why at all? Because I am in menopause -hopefully already at the end. For almost three years now, I have been accompanied by hot flashes (actually not an appropriate word – I feel more like a drop of water in the induction cooker on “full power”) and thus extreme sleep disturbances. I have gained a little weight, and my hair is falling out (it seems to be getting much better for about three months now). In addition, I had to have my uterus removed three years ago after I had to be hospitalized several times (gladly abroad ) due to unstoppable menstruation. All annoying and to the extent that my usual tactic – ignore – honestly can no longer be sustained. I should better not take hormones for medical reasons.

"It's all really annoying, and to an extent that my usual tactic-ignore-honestly can't be sustained."

Did it make a difference? Yes. The weight is down without me really doing anything about it and I feel better. Although I still have difficult nights, I feel physically more vital and mentally I am so inspired that my time is hard enough. I could keep up the 21 days quite quickly, and since then, I have been doing a kind of – mixed calculation. From everything less than before, it may be sinned in between times. Only renunciation, I’m not the type, and I think you should always set goals so that you can achieve them.

Your course was a real revelation. It gives incredible information and food for thought without a pointing finger or lecturing words. You are a consistently authentic, humorous, and leadership “course leader,” making it easy to persevere through the days. In addition, there are many great suggestions, recipes, creative ideas, and tips, which one can deal with the program for weeks and likes. I now have two new cookbooks and am experimenting with them. Soon it goes for five weeks with the camper (a souvenir of the Corona time) to Norway; I’m already fiddling with what to prepare how best—quite fitting to your newsletter from yesterday – healthy eating while traveling-.

If we had met in person, I could have offered you a healthy meal at my place, because I live or commute between home and Zurich. But maybe another time.

I could go on for hours here now, but maybe limit myself to just this. I also enjoyed the course regarding sustainability, environmental friendliness, etc. Not only because it can impact hormone balance, but because there needs to be a rethink in society overall. En passant, you give a valuable input, which perhaps women with birth dates instead from the 60 and 70 years did not necessarily get into the cradle. So all in all – a great concept.”