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In somebodytoldme No. 59 I called for photos to be sent to me: “When I look for pictures of women in midlife, that is, women between 40 and 60, there is very little to no selection of them in image databases. At least not in the image databases that we can afford as a still fragile start-up.

Images of demoralised women – so all menopausal, I guess? – and pictures of blissful grandmothers. It’s as if she doesn’t exist in the media: the middle-aged woman. Yet we do exist, and in abundance.

We want to show women over 40 how they look. So if you have a photo of yourself which I – after consultation with you – may show, then send it to me (via this link).”

And what came next was overwhelming: in one fell swoop, 45 women sent photos of themselves. A big thank you to all of you!!! And here they are, the great women from the nobodytoldme gang:

You want us to become even more women 40 plus to be seen, then upload your photo here now.

Now also check out the 10 Instagram accounts of women over 40 that Martina Davidson shared with us. 

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