DEUTSCHE MENOPAUSE GESELLSCHAFT E.V. – “On these pages we would like to provide you with information on the topic of “menopause” and its influence on various aspects of health and quality of life.

HORMONE HAMBURG (practice) – “The founders of our practice, Dr. med. Katrin Schaudig and Dr. med. Anneliese Schwenkhagen, are both gynaecologists with special knowledge and experience in the field of gynaecological endocrinology. In 2003 they jointly founded HORMONE HAMBURG, a practice for gynaecological endocrinology, where they care for patients with hormonal disorders ranging from hormonal imbalances to significant hormonal dysfunctions. Our female doctors are sought-after speakers in their medical specialties, regularly conducting continuing education events for doctors and appearing in both medical and consumer media.”

KORINNA EBSEN (practice) in Hamburg – specialist in gynaecology and obstetrics

WOMEN’S HEALTHCARE FRIEDENSALLEE (practice) in Hamburg – Dr. Brigitte L. Mergard – recommended by Suze Barrett, subscriber of somebodytoldme

PROF. DR. PETRA STUTEMenopause Centre Bern – “As an internationally recognised and certified menopause centre, we deal with all issues related to menopause.” – Recommended by a Body Reset participant from Switzerland: “The advice is comprehensive and not just hormone replacement therapy.”

DR. STEPHANIE VON ORELLI from Zurich. She was featured in the book: The New 40. Everything can. Nothing has to*.


DR. PETRA ALGENSTAEDT – in Hamburg; Specialist for Internal Medicine, Endocrinology & Diabetology & Nutritional Medicine, Bioidentical Hormone Therapy, Nutritional Medicine, Medicum Hamburg – “Expert for Bioidentical Hormones” Recommendation by Ines


HORMONSELBSTHILFE – “Hormone self-help is an independent initiative of medical professionals and affected persons whose knowledge about hormones is constantly growing. On our pages you will find information on self-help for hormonal disorders, but also contact points where you can turn to with individual hormone questions. Our aim is to bring together those affected and professionals and to pass on experiences, observations as well as therapeutic options from the world of hormones.”

HORMONNETZWERK E.V. – “This site serves to provide information about the original therapy with natural human-identical hormones according to Dr. med. Volker Rimkus – also called bio-identical hormones according to Rimkus® or Rimkus® capsules.”

NATUROPATHIC PRIVATE PRACTICE DR. DR. BECK (practice) in Munich – “We understand health and illness holistically. For us, the human being is not a machine in which a part has to be replaced or repaired in case of damage, but a coherent whole; a person consisting of body, mind and soul and whose individual limbs are in regular interrelation with each other. That is why we try to do justice to this wholeness in diagnosis and therapy and also include psychological factors (e.g. with the question of occupational or family burdens)”.


NATURHEILPRAXIS INA ASMUS-BRÜTT (practice) in Elsmhorn – “The different phases of a woman’s life often require special attention and consideration. When discomfort, indisposition or specific women’s illnesses occur special treatment is required.”

MOVARE HEALING PRACTICE, HEALING PRACTITIONER VERENA BASTIAN, in 58675 Hemer – “Very good in diagnostics. Very much knowledge about the processes in the body.” Recommendation from Sandra

HEALING PRACTITIONER TCM BARBARA MÖLLER, Himmelsweg 2 a, 21255 Tostedt – “She supports me in the menopause with Chinese herbs, among other things. Because her attitude is: that women should not suffer from menopause.” – Recommendation from Ira

SASKIA STRASSE VON RIDDER, Munich – read the article from ELLE about Saskia, “I also see a friend who specialises in naturopathy for women. Sassi also has great tips from her herb garden that have solved the last of my problems. Maybe she would be a great guest lecturer? She would fit in great and really has a few simple tricks and suggestions up her sleeve.” Recommendation from Stefanie


DR. KADE / BESINS PHARMA GMBH: WECHSELJAHRE-VERSTEHEN.DE – “… wants to support menopausal women as best as possible in this new phase of life. Our information platform takes care of what concerns you: from the biological processes during menopause to known and less known complaints to various therapy options.”


KIA CHARLOTTA – “Our mission is to produce premium quality 100% vegan natural cosmetics that are easily available to everyone at affordable prices.” – founded by Finnish Kia

gitti conscious beauty – “Innovative nail polishes. ✓ Vegan & animal-free ✓ Natural-based ✓ Responsibly produced.” – founded by Jenni in Berlin

OZN – “Plant-based nail polish from OZN is vegan & 22+ Free. OZN comes in over 60 colours with low-toxic ingredients.” – Founded by: David Gerrlich and Nina Skarabela


FIFTY ONE APPAREL – Fifty One Apparel was developed out of a belief in the need for a clothing range for women suffering from menopausal symptoms. Hot flushes can be embarrassing and feel uncomfortable for women and night sweats can lead to sleep disturbances, which in turn lead to lack of focus, energy and motivation. These symptoms can eventually lead to low self-esteem, self-confidence and mood swings.

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