Menopause Rhapsody - Bohemian Rhapsody Parody Song for every Queen
Menopause Rhapsody - Bohemian Rhapsody Parody Song for every Queen

New Zealander Shirley Șerban has always loved singing, making delightful shenanigans and writing her own lyrics. Then, during the lockdown, she started re-recording classic songs with new lyrics and uploading them to YouTube. Her first video had over three million views in just three days. And so she continued. In the meantime, the headmistress has published over 60 videos. She wanted to counter the dreary time of the lockdown with humour.

She succeeded. And now she has taken on the menopause and simply rewrote Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody for it. Why? She writes: “A rhapsody is an epic, highly emotional work. To be bohemian is to be unconventional. Isn’t this combination the perfect description of a menopause-stricken woman? This song is especially dedicated to Queen fans who are in the throes of menopause or who have already gone through it.” Well then, if the video hasn’t reached you yet, check it out.


Is this my new life?


Shutting down inside

I can’t sleep and I am so itchy

Got sweaty thighs

This is my demise, you see

I’m just a woman, asking for sympathy,

Because a hot flush comes,

Memory goes

Mood is high

Then it’s low

Every day more hair grows

Where I don’t want any to be

Poor me.

Mama, it’s menopause

No more children can be bred

Now my ovaries are dead

Mama, no it’s not much fun

I once was hot

In quite a different way!

Dramaa. Oooh

Don’t know if I’ll laugh or cry

I can’t remember my plans for tomorrow

And my ‘drive’ has all gone

My brain is feeling scattered

Too late, my prime has gone

Bones shrinking in my spine

Body’s aching all the time

Good night – no I won’t sleep

Just got to go

Gonna toss and turn and

Pee the whole night through!

Sauna – ooh

Where’d my fan go?

I’m all cracked and dry

I can’t stand heat and

Summer time at all!

I am a grumpy hot potato!

Yes, I am

A hot flush, you just shush

Go and open a window!

Thunderbolts and lightning

Don’t cross me, I’m frightening, see!

Just obey – oh

All I say – oh

Do my way – oh

Or you’ll pay – oh

Don’t delay, oh don’t you know?

I’m gonna blow!

I’m just a poor girl with a hot body

She’s just a poor girl

Nauseous and clammy

Just give her chocolate and wine

Let her be!

Magnesium for the bones

More pills for my hormones

This hot flush

No! We will not let you go! (Let me go!)

This headache

No! We will not let you go! (Let me go!)

This mood swing

No! We will not let you go! (Let me go!)

Will not let you go!

Let me go!

Never, never, never, never

Let me go!

No, no, no, no, no, no, no!

Oh menopausa, menopausa

Menopause, just let me go!

This hellish club turns all women

Into wild banshees



So you think you can stop age

And turn back time

So you think that your

Fountain of youth won’t run dry

Oh, ladies

Take it from me, poor ladies

It’s going to get you

Your time will soon come

Be prepared!

Ooh – oh yeah, oh yeah

My nerves are all shattered

Always need to pee

Hairier and fatter

Menopause is battering me

At least no more ‘Aunt Flo’ …

Text: Shirley Serban


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