How are you feeling at this moment?

My mood is: 80% joy and energy, 20% frustration.

What gives you energy?

The ever-increasing discovery of what I can do and what makes me me individually.

What costs you energy

Many things take time and patience. The fact that not everything works as quickly as I would like costs me strength.

Your life in five experiences?

1.Falling asleep in a carnival costume in the Berlin subway, totally drunk.
2.When I lived in Rome, a Roman mistook me for an Italian.
3.The birth of my children, which flooded me with love.
4.My divorce, which gave me an incredible boost of energy.
5.The moment the truck unloaded a huge pallet of my own books at my front door.

What’s your attitude toward getting older?

I try to use the time as intensively as possible. Because you never know when you’ll become more limited.

What does the word “menopause” trigger in you?

Farewell to youthfulness with all its advantages and disadvantages on the one hand. Freedom to give your passions space and discover new things on the other.

Which aspect of menopause do you like?

That I no longer care so much what others think of me.

What was the moment when you first thought, “This could be menopause!”? Or was it not even there yet?

My first heat wave. And that’s where the retrospection began, where I realized that there had been a lot of other little signs after all, but I had never associated them with it.

What changed for you physically and psychologically?

Not that much at all, except that I feel like testosterone is in excess for me.😉

How do you deal with the changes, if there are or were any?

I take nature identical hormones to help manage the hot flashes. Works very well too.

How is the exchange with your doctor, or your alternative practitioner, or your friend, or your partner on the subject of aging?

Since I’ve started to be more open about it, I’m also finding open ears. However, I have the feeling that at the gynecologist’s office, one is relatively quickly brushed off.

Which woman is a role model for you and why?

Women who continue to be wild and non-conformist, who have courage, who appear self-confident. Women who show their presence, their vulnerability and their individuality. Iris Berben spontaneously comes to mind.

What advice would you give to your 10 years younger self?

Get to the bottom of a bad feeling. Act faster. Avoid unhealthy relationships.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years from now? Where will you be then, how will you be then, what will you be doing then?

Then I will have a job that fulfills me 100%. I will live in a small house with a garden and a wide view. My partner supports me, of course. And I am fit, healthy and relaxed.

Do you feel free?

90% yes. I have always been a free spirit, but have often hidden my opinions.

What question did you miss?

What would you like to tell younger women about menopause?



Kirsten is the creator of the book: “MY BODY DIARY.” She runs the blog blauekirschen.

When do we ever stop and ask ourselves the big and the small questions of life? Who do we share them with? Who might be feeling the same way as me right now – good or not so good or apocalyptic rider-like? What do I have to lose by opening up? And how much of it? What can I gain? – This questionnaire is designed to gather impressions from women. So that we can learn from each other, laugh with each other and feel. Are you taking part?


Foto: Ava Sol auf Unsplash


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