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How are you doing at this moment?

Sometimes this way sometimes that way

What gives you energy?

Seeing friends

What costs you energy

Worrying about my children, what will happen next?

Your life in five experiences?

1.Growing up in Spain
2.working with art
3.Berlin from 1990
4.getting married
5.having 3 children

What is your attitude towards getting older?

Serene with shame

What has changed for you physically and psychologically?

Sleeping badly, mood swings

How do you deal with the changes, if there are or were any?

Take a medical and therapeutic approach.

How is the exchange with your doctor, or your alternative practitioner, or your friend, or your partner on the subject of aging?

With alternative practitioner well, with partner not at all, with doctor solala

Which woman is a role model for you and why?

What would you give to your 10 years younger self?

Take care of your needs!

Where do you see yourself in 5 years from now? Where will you be then, how will you be then, what will you do then?

New job, new husband, I’m fine.

Do you feel free?


What does the word “menopause” trigger in you?

What do I know about it?

What aspect of menopause do you like?

No bleeding

What question did you miss?

How often do you have sex?


Born: 1968
Age at filling in: 53

When do we ever stop and ask ourselves the big and the small questions of life? Who do we talk to about them? Who might be feeling the same way as me right now – good or not so good or apocalyptic rider-like? What do I have to lose by opening up? And how much of it? What can I gain? – This questionnaire is designed to gather impressions from women. So that we can learn from each other, laugh with each other and feel. Are you taking part?


Photo: Ava Sol on Unsplash 


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