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“In total, my winter fat (3 kgs) just disappeared without any problems, as well as my regular migraine attacks, my digestion has never been better, etc.” “Dear Susanne, for me the course is not yet complete, I’ll watch yesterday’s zoom meeting later today 😉. I really enjoyed your course, thanks so much for this top-notch…


“Your background knowledge and the possibility to do something for me, finally made me do something.” Hello Susanne, Thanks a lot for all the information. The step-by-step dumping of certain substances from my life benefitted me. Up until last year I worked as an expert in nutrition and weight management and acted as a coach…

In voller Blüte Denise Boomkens

The Dutch Denie Boomkens wrote a book: “In full bloom”. It’s a combination of picture book and short statements made by 100 women between the ages of 40 and 100 years. One more beautiful than the next. And the statements overflow with life lessons of intelligent women. It’s an ode to life. “Since I started…


A few years ago I was looking for christmas presents at a book store and came across an interior design book, which I really liked. I kept on creeping around it for a while until I finally designed to buy it. At the register, I said: “I’m giving this to myself.” and the cashier smiled…

Sandra Elsig

But I don’t want to be on a rollercoaster on my own, and definitely while seemingly doing it perfectly. To be honest, what women can do that? A little something about me, I turned 46 years old in April and almost exactly 10 years ago gave birth to my son. Why am I telling you…


“I am eternally thankful for the comprehensive, positive change in my life which I’ve been profiting from since March.” I’ve been following the BODY RESET principle and completely accepted the key rules into my life (however, I’d be more than happy to refresh everything the next time around). More specifically, in my case that means:…


“Who thinks that the Kalahari desert is dry has never been in my lap.” For a few years there has been a new term floating around the field of gynaecology: Genitourinary Syndrome of Menopause (GMS). This includes the menopausal changes in the whole genitourinary tract as well as vulvo-vaginal atrophy, dryness, burning sensations, irritations, and…


“At some point during the third day, I was about to buy myself a ton of clothes who would not quite fit me right…” Today is the last day of this three-week-long journey, ending with one last virtual meeting. I have to be honest, during the last weeks there have been multiple moments where I…


Recently, I received this e-mail by a participant of the latest BODY REST course and I really want to share it with you. “Hello dear Susanne, […] This is a great occasion to give you a little, very grateful feedback. I’m a rather quiet participant in the group […] I realised I might simply not…

Photo by Danielle MacInnes on Unsplash

“In the evening the headache reached a level requiring two ibuprofens and my mood was murderous.” In the meantime I finally overcame the ‘coffee-crisis’ and I can write about it without scaring off potential new participants. But while the crisis was going on, it felt like it would be like this forever. It started around…


“Even though none of the things the programme promised me have happened yet – e.g. better sleep, better skin, more energy, a few kilos less, being less bloated – I’m not in a bad mood and I also don’t think about giving up.” – Klara Butt If BODY RESET is an ascent of a mountain,…


“Meat, sugar, and white flour are not part of my thought processes any more; however, there are questions. Some are small-small-pragmatic-stuff, others however will stick with me for a while. Here are they, in the order with which I thought of them:” What about date sugar, now that sugar is off the table? Can I…


“A new day begins, full of sunshine for the two of us, come let us celebrate this morning with golden milk” I think the previous blog posts have shown that I really like eating. On the one side, this poses a problem for this form of diet and on the other side, this is a…


I’ve never had much understanding for people who try following a recipe, then decide to change at least 5 steps and then complain about how the end result ist not great. That’s why I’m hesitant to talk about how not much has changed for me so far. I can see in our WhatsApp group that…

red meat

Tonight something is happening that people might not expect of me: For three weeks I’ll deny myself things – voluntarily. Things I’d usually defend whatever it takes. For example, chocolate croissants (I won’t get rid of them immediately, but in the long run they’ll have to leave). The coffee to go with them, that will…

body of a naked woman

In days the new Body Reset live class by NOBODYTOLDME, and this time, I’ll be a part of this. For three weeks, step-by-step, I will forgo certain food groups, following the concept of “I’ll empty my fridge and leave out…“. I’ll start with leaving out alcohol and read meat, and later everything will change. At…

Susanne Liedtke

… to set up a course like the BODY RESET course. Here is my thank you to everyone and if I have forgotten anyone, please be sure to let me know. Sometimes I can’t see the wood for the trees.The BODY RESET course and therefore also this workbook would not exist if it hadn’t been…


Yesterday I received this email and I’m still beside myself. I’m so happy to be able to share this with you. But first things first: Thank you, Stefanie, for taking the time to send me this email. When I read something like this, it encourages me to show many more women what they can do…

Menopause Rhapsody - Bohemian Rhapsody Parody Song for every Queen

New Zealander Shirley Șerban has always loved singing, making delightful shenanigans and writing her own lyrics. Then, during the lockdown, she started re-recording classic songs with new lyrics and uploading them to YouTube. Her first video had over three million views in just three days. And so she continued. In the meantime, the headmistress has…


We are moving forward back to the “normality” of the past. And the question I have asked myself is: what do I now take with me from this state of emergency of the last 15 months? A friend says to me: “Oh, actually, the imposed calm has done me good and now … the whole…


Baets Dear Baets, now a few weeks have passed since we saw each other again …. I can’t believe how time flies. One of my favourite experiences with you? Eating Baets brownies with rich hazelnut puree on my lunch break. Priceless. Then Berlin after our daughters’ Abi and swimming in a crowded outdoor pool on…

Susanne Liedtke.jpg

nobody told me about startups my very personal view on things This text appeared with minor changes on LinkedIn on 15.3.2021. Of the rise and fall and rise again and fall and fall again … Of a startup. There are too few real stories of founding out there. Here comes my perspective on the subject.…


Petronella Dear Petronella, you are a very special friend. I have so much respect for you. You have achieved so much and created so many good things. How wonderful that you exist. I look forward to more moments with you. How are you doing at this moment? I’m fine, although I’m thinking a lot about…


“When the colours are right, wrinkles, age spots and dark circles fade into the background,” says Nadine Wittig, colour and style consultant and costume designer from Munich. I interviewed her:https://youtu.be/A7TnPu8LwSc”Especially with the challenges that metamorphosis presents us with during menopause, colours help us to stay in our balance and redefine ourselves. Because colours not only…

Farbberaterin Nadine Wittig

I had the opportunity to interview the wonderful Nadine Wittig. Nadine is a costume designer and has worked for all the big TV stations. 10 years ago, she opened up another line of business. Since then, she has also been advising “normal” people – mostly women – on colour and style. In this interview, she…

SHUT EVERYTHING DOWN ONCE PLEASE How about shutting down everything that influences your hormonal balance from the outside? Free your body from everything that puts a strain on it. Do without for a short time and give your body a break. You think that's not possible? That's right: None of us can do EVERYTHING. We…
I had my first when I was 12, and I'm not prepared for it. We may have talked about it at school, but if we did, it wasn't very forceful and detailed - my primary school teacher would rather have had a tooth pulled live in class and my fifth and sixth grade bio teacher…
As we have already learned in other articles on this site, the menopause catches most women more or less unprepared. At some point, the surprise bag of accompanying symptoms slowly opens and you realise that the previously unknown complaints must be caused by the hormonal change. "The unattractive side effect of this therapy, however, is…
I work in an industry where not growing up is supposedly a key qualification. If that were really true, I would have to have usurped the industry equivalent of world domination by now, that's how key-qualified I am. About 15 years ago, my girlfriends and I were depressed at the realisation that you can get…
In the third part, actress Paula Paul tells us where she sees herself in five years, how she would like to live and work then. And at the end she has a passionate appeal to us women. Paula Paul: I also think it's very important that you don't believe the bullshit that you... if you…
Here follows the second part of the interview with actress Paula Paul. In the first part, she talks about reunions, getting older and what she actually expected in terms of menopause. In the third part, Paula tells us where she sees herself in five years, how she would like to live and work then. And…
Actress Paula Paul talks openly about her current experience with the menopause. What it does to her, what it's like with still a small child and what it means for their relationship. Paula wears her heart on her sleeve. In this interview, she talks about a lot of things that others don't (yet) dare to.…
... of the last four weeks in the order in which they occur to me 1. my mother-in-law - for decades unhappy, grey, lethargic, too fat and generally of the opinion that being a woman is "just shit" - once again recommends to me, in the course of an everyday conversation about whatever, that I…
Here is the third and last part of our interview with the alternative practitioner Ina Asmus-Brütt. Susanne Liedtke: Ina, you mentioned bioidentical hormones earlier when talking about hormone replacement therapy. Can you say something more about this? Ina: Bioidentical hormones are simply hormones that are already chemically produced, but they have been recreated from our…
Here is the second part of the interview with alternative practitioner Ina Asmus-Brütt. If you are just joining us, you can find the first part here. Ina Asmus-Brütt: We women are highly sensitive beings and we usually know how we feel and what is good for us and what is not good for us. And…
Ina Asmus-Brütt
We talked to the alternative practitioner Ina Asmus-Brütt. She said, among other things, that the biggest problem of women between 45 and mid-60s is that they are very quickly put on the track of psychotropic drugs. There are 3 parts and we will also report more in the coming days. Thank you Ina, for the…
I myself only started drinking coffee late in life. Unimaginable for me today, but I just didn't like it and I didn't need it. I drank an espresso now and then, which we made on the cooker in a simple espresso maker. But when I took on a new job with two still small children,…
We all know by now that refined sugar has negative effects on our bodies long-term. So sugar is neither healthy nor nessecery for us. Our bodies are able to produce it ourselves from starch products. Unfortunately, sugar is highly addictive. For the American doctor Sara Gottfried, sugar is therefore comparable to heroin or crack. It…
hand with a ring on head.jpg
Was the word "separation" ever mentioned in your relationship? In China, at least, the number of divorces has skyrocketed. Based own observations, in pandemic times our relationships suffer quite a bit. This is especially true for couples who have children and (have to) work from home. How is that supposed to work out smoothly?!   What's…
THE LITTLE THINGS During such a particular time like this, we start to think and also reflect on what makes us happy. And to be honest we all know it: it's much more the little things. It doesn't have to be material. The new necklace, the lamp I've wanted for a long time and the…
Girl laying down on a table.jpg
For me it started in my early forties, all of a sudden I would wake up in the middle of the night and wouldn't be able to go back to sleep, instead, I would start pondering. Even though beforehand I was the one with the deepest sleep at home and used to be able to…
woman with some flower on her back
Nobody has told us, women, what to expect when we are forty. Or fifty. Or fifty-five. Not the medicine, nor the girlfriends or the big sister. Nobody seems to know ... Idea & Editing: Frank Brendel, Production: notamtam NOBODY Nobody has told us, women, what to expect when we are forty. Or fifty. Or fifty-five.…

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