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Today it is about breast cancer prevention. Why? In my extended circle of acquaintances, there were three women diagnosed with breast cancer last year. This year, it hit a friend. I think about those women more often.

None of us would like to receive such news. At the same time, fortunately, the chances of cure today are many times higher than they used to be.

But I’ve asked myself, “Am I just exposed to this, or can I also do something myself to prevent myself from getting breast cancer?” The answer is: it’s all multifactorial: stress, diet, environmental factors, radiation, drugs, genes, chance … can all contribute to damaging our DNA, which in turn can lead to cell mutations. And at the same time, there are measures I can take to counteract that. And that goes for those of us who have already had breast cancer.

Is there 100% certainty that this will protect me from it? No. But does it take away the feeling of being exposed? Yes. And because my mother had breast cancer, I am particularly receptive to such measures.

So here are three measures you can take to directly strengthen your body’s defenses.

verschiedene Brüste als Graphik in rot

1. don’t let poison into your body in the first place: Drink less alcohol – I know this isn’t necessarily what you want to read here, but it is one of the most effective prevention measures.

2. get toxin out of your body faster: Eating more fiber through psyllium husks, for example.

3. strengthen the body’s defenses: Eat broccoli sprouts, because they contain sulforaphane and that is a strong radical scavenger in the body.

“Breast cancer risk increases with three to six glasses of alcohol per week.”

different alcohol als illustrations in red



Breast cancer risk increases with three to six glasses of alcohol per week (35-45 g per day).” krebsgesellschaft.de The Cancer Society page goes on to say:

“Alcohol in itself, i.e. ethanol, is probably not carcinogenic. However, it is converted in the body by oxidation processes into acetaldehyde, which in turn is very reactive and easily forms bonds with other molecules, including DNA. This leads to mutations and thus also to cancer. Acetaldehyde, by the way, is also responsible for the so-called hangover when alcohol is consumed in large quantities.

In addition, alcohol probably makes it easier for other substances to develop their carcinogenic effect. Such co-carcinogenic effects of alcohol have been demonstrated for the oral cavity, pharynx and esophagus. The coincidence of alcohol and smoking has a particularly unfavorable effect – especially cancers of the upper digestive and respiratory tract are affected. Alcohol makes the mucous membrane in the mouth more permeable and harmful substances, for example from tobacco smoke, can enter the body in greater quantities. The harmful effects of both substances reinforce each other.” krebsgesellschaft.de


You can do this by eating legumes, whole grains, vegetables, nuts, ground flaxseed and, for example, psyllium husk powder*. Organic quality ground psyllium husks can help you detoxify. They provide 88% fiber, thus binding toxins, and are also prebiotic – meaning good food for your gut bacteria.

“Upon contact with liquid, psyllium husks swell. Due to the outer layer of long-chain carbohydrates, they bind the water and multiply their volume. This swelling ability, along with the high fiber content, is essential for the positive effects of psyllium husks on digestion.

In addition, psyllium husks secrete a kind of mucus. The secreted mucus forms a protective film on the intestinal wall and prevents irritation. It also facilitates the passage of food through the intestines. In addition, psyllium husks are said to bind harmful substances and thus remove them from the body via the stool.

In cases of diarrhea, psyllium husks help to firm the stool. They bind the excess water in the intestine and shape the stool. Due to this thickening, the stool remains longer in the intestine: one has to go to the toilet less often.

In cases of constipation, the swelling of the shells increases the volume of the stool. This sends a signal to the intestines to empty and the natural movements of the intestines (intestinal motility) are increased. The bowel is restarted, so to speak.” (cara.care)

bristol stool chart Formen von Stuhlgang

Shaped like a banana, “it” should come out at you once a day without pressure. The average passage time should be 24 hours: the indigestible remains of what you eat today will leave your body again tomorrow.

Psyllium husks* from Lebepur – a participant from the Body Re:set course says about it:

“Hi everyone, I would like to recommend this product to you. I have been taking this daily for about half a year and my intestines are doing better than ever. I had discovered it in DM, in the end I ordered it directly from the company.”

But be careful: psyllium can inhibit the absorption of pharmaceutical substances. Pharmaceuticals should be administered at a time interval (approximately 2 hours).

These drugs include:
Carbamazepine – Antiepileptic drugs.
Coumarin derivatives – Anticoagulants
cardiac glycosides – antiarrhythmics
Lithium – psychotropic drugs
Minerals – calcium, magnesium
trace elements – copper, zinc
Vitamins – vitamin B12

Ask a pharmacist or doctor if you are unsure.

Sources: pharmawiki, eucell

You can drink one teaspoon of psyllium husk powder* 2-3 times a day with meals with 250ml of water each time – drink briskly before it gels. This way, whatever the liver releases into the intestines can be excreted promptly.

Alternatively, you can do the following: puree 300g of frozen berries, add 50ml of water, pour the whole thing into a bowl and stir in 4-6 scoops of psyllium husk powder. Allow to gel and eat as a dessert over the next few days.

Because psyllium husks swell so much, it is especially important to drink enough, otherwise it can cause intestinal obstruction. And that is why psyllium seeds should not be taken together with other swelling agents and diarrhea remedies.


You can also take care of your general health by eating sprouts. Sprouts are basically very healthy. For women, broccoli sprouts are especially interesting because they contain the antioxidant sulforaphane in comparatively high concentrations. 20 grams of raw broccoli sprouts contain 50mg of sulforaphane – 500 grams of raw broccoli, on the other hand, contains “only” 30mg, which is already good.

This antioxidant neutralizes free radicals in the body. The Munich tumor center  writes about it: “Sulforaphane is attributed therefore in the meantime a generally krebsvorbeugende effect. But not only that, it is also thought that sulforaphane can regress precancerous lesions or could itself be used to fight cancer (adjunctively).”

How is sulforaphane produced? myfairtrade.com writes: “As soon as broccoli is mechanically processed, for example cut, chewed or grated, sulforaphane can be produced. This requires the cleavage enzyme myrosinase and the glucosinolates, which are spatially separated from each other in the intact plant cells. When processed, the myrosinase and glucosinolates from their different cellular compartments come together, glucose is cleaved, and sulforaphane is formed … This transformation can only occur in the raw state because the enzyme myrosinase is heat sensitive.” You can read even more about sulforaphane here.

Brokkolisprossen in Glasschale
22 Gramm Brokkolisprossen auf Waage

How can you use the advantages for yourself?

You can grow broccoli sprouts yourself. To do this, take a sprouting jar* and get yourself some broccoli seeds*. I bought a whole kilo of them right away, because I find it quite nice to grow sprouts. But you only need 2 tablespoons per growing and it takes 4-6 days to grow. If you grow many sprouts, then a kilo is advisable, otherwise it is already a large quantity (the smaller quantities are only almost as expensive). You can also give a part of it together with a sprouting jar* to your girl friend.

A quarter cup of broccoli sprouts daily will provide you with a good portion of sulforaphane. If you would like to have the sprouting set a little more valuable and with a stainless steel sieve, then I find the company Cressery* quite good. I myself have the sprouting jar shown below.

When you pull the sprouts, it is important to make sure that everything is hygienic. Otherwise germs could spread in the moist environment. In summer, for example, I do not grow sprouts, because it is simply too warm for that, the sprouts then also simply become nothing.

This is what the Lower Saxony State Office for Consumer Protection and Food Safety writes about sprouts, among other things: “The results show that there is a risk when eating raw sprouts or sprouting seeds in principle. In particular risk groups such as children, seniors, pregnant women and persons with weakened immune defenses should generally refrain from eating fresh sprouts or consume them only after sufficient heating. To reduce the germ load, raw sprouts must always be washed thoroughly and consumed as quickly as possible!” (source)

I’m not writing this to scare you off, just to make sure you’re being appropriately prudent. And here comes now times my photo story in the order of the emergence of broccoli sprouts.


1. get a sprouting jar, for example this sprouting jar* from Rapunzel or these three jars from Cressery*.

2 EL Bio Brokkoli Saat einfüllen

2. Pour in 2 tablespoons organic broccoli seed*.

3. now fill with still water and leave overnight. From now on, rinse the sprouts twice a day. To do this, fill with water and let it drain through the built-in strainer. This is actually quite meditative and once you have a rhythm, it’s like brushing your teeth, only easier.

Die Saat ist aufgegangen

4. result day two: the seed is swollen.

5. result day three the first seeds have germinated.

Ergebnis Tag vier: jetzt geht es ab. Du kannst jetzt mal mit einem Essstäbchen ein bisschen dazwischen gehen, damit sich die Keimlinge nicht zu sehr verheddern.

6. result day four: now it goes off. You can now go a little in between with a chopstick so the seedlings do not get too tangled.

7. result day five: now you can eat your first portion and store the whole thing in the refrigerator in a glass container for up to three days. What looks like mold are very fine root hairs.

22 Gramm Brokkolisprossen auf Waage

This can do something: in these 22 grams are over 50 mg sulforaphane. And that can help you in the fight against free radicals in the body. The sprouts have a pleasant spiciness. Sometimes they go right into my Shinya smoothie.

If that’s too much work for you, you can also take sulforaphane in capsule form. The University of Heidelberg recommends about 25mg daily at 70kg body weight. Most supplements I’ve found contain significantly more. Here* is one that still contains “only” 50mg.

One note should be made here. When I take sulforaphane, my husband may ask me later if I ate cabbage ….

So it could be that you are taking contraception without meaning to


Prof. Ingrid Herr of Heidelberg University Hospital also notes in this brochure on cancer and nutrition:

“An isolated dietary supplement such as sulforaphane cannot do much on its own. Rather, a general strengthening of the immune system seems to be important, which includes a generally healthy diet, the avoidance of excess weight and harmful substances, an adapted lifestyle, and also the avoidance of stressful situations. The intestinal flora seems to play an important role in this, as shown by experimental data and also recent patient studies.”

Prof. Dr. Ingrid Herr, Head of the Surgical Research Section, Heidelberg University Hospital

As always, the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

further links:

Diindolylmethane (DIM) – A miracle of nature? “While the pharmaceutical industry is constantly throwing more and more pills against civilization diseases onto the world market, nature continues to amaze researchers with the healing power of plant foods. The power substance diindolylmethane (DIM) contained in cabbage, for example, is said to put an end to even breast cancer cells. Consumed regularly or as a dietary supplement, DIM not only combats hormone-dependent cancers, but also has a regulating effect on hormone-related disorders such as premenstrual syndrome (PMS), menopausal symptoms and prostate problems. zentrum-der-gesundheit.de

Indole-3-carbinol is formed when a substance called glucobrassicin is broken down. It is found in high amounts primarily in cruciferous vegetables such as rose, flower and kale, but especially in broccoli. Indole-3-carbinol, in turn, is converted to DIM after digestion.

Indole 3 carbinol (I3C) in tumor therapy

Premium Broccoli Complex Ultra with Sulforaphane, Indole-3-Carbinol, DIM from Broccoli Seeds


At temperatures above 20 degrees Celsius the sprouts become nothing. The whole thing then becomes a rather foul-smelling affair, which you best dispose of on the compost.

It is better to grow the sprouts in a dark, cooler corner of the kitchen. They don’t like sunlight. You can also just darken the sprout jar with a stocking.

Don’t overdo anything: Broccoli seeds contain erucic acid. This is found in vegetable oils and fats. It is a natural component of plant seeds of the Brassicaceae family (cruciferous plants such as rapeseed and mustard). The German Federal Institute for Risk Assessment writes: “High levels of erucic acid in foods can be detrimental to health. The adverse health effects of erucic acid include fatty degeneration of the heart (myocardial lipidosis), in which fats (lipids) accumulate in heart tissue. This can cause the heart muscle to contract more poorly, becoming weaker. The lipidoses caused by erucic acid are reversible.” Source

I was not able to find out how much of the erucic acid is also in the sprouts. However, overall, when growing oilseeds for food production, care is taken to use seeds low in erucic acid. Still, you shouldn’t eat large amounts of broccoli sprouts every day now. I’ll keep you posted on this topic. If you subscribe to our newsletter somebodytoldme, you will know when there is an update on this.

All links marked with * are “affiliate” links. If a purchase is made through such a link, I will be involved with a commission (example: book hormone diet 1,33€). There are no additional costs for you. But Amazon has to give a part of its profit to me. Where, when and how you buy a product is of course up to you and yes, I also try to buy as much locally as possible.



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