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Changes in your period are often the first sign that something is changing hormonally. Missing ovulations can lead to hormonal shifts. All of a sudden you bleed much less, only to be plagued at some point by very heavy periods that don’t want to stop. Months without periods can also alternate with completely normal cycles.


While we could still rely on regular cycles in the premenopause, our periods can suddenly become unpredictable in the perimenopause. For most women these irregularities are related to a lack of progesterone. And these women lack progesterone because they temporarily stop ovulating. It is also important to remember that every woman and every story is different. If you suffer from abnormal uterine bleeding, please talk to your doctor.


This questionnaire will help you to understand additional symptoms related to the menopause. Tick each box to indicate how you are feeling in relation to certain symptoms.


The more marks on the right side, the more you are in the perimenopause or already beyond it.

Download the questionnaire by clicking on the image and fill it out. If your score is very high, you should seek medical help.


If you have a high score in “only” one of the three areas, you should also seek medical advice immediately.


Check regularly with your gynaecologist to see what is bothering you.


Repeat the questionnaire every 6 to 12 months and use this tool to monitor your menopause and get help in time.

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