I am Susanne Liedtke, studied Oecotrophologist and founder of NOBODYTOLDME. Originated the…


I am Susanne Liedtke, studied Oecotrophologist and founder of NOBODYTOLDME. The idea for this site came about when I myself went through menopause and was first surprised and then annoyed at how difficult it is to get sensible information on this important topic. It was clear to me that something had to change, and quickly. After a relatively short time, I decided: if I’m going to tackle this, I’m going to tackle it right. That’s why today I’m 100% dedicated to building this platform.

My personal menopause biography reads like many others: I still had my mother’s menopause in just as vivid a memory as my children’s puberty, without ever giving much thought to my hormones. I first heard the term “perimenopause” when I was 49. No one had told me that such a powerful and profound process begins even before my last period, and that menopause is virtually the reverse of puberty, none of which I gave much thought to.

That something is changing – and in my case already in my early 40s – I already felt that. I just didn’t associate it with the decline in my hormones … the poor sleep, the dry, dull hair, the breaking fingernails, the aching shoulder … What actually happens to our body and to our psyche when the hormones slowly dry up or even fluctuate and we exchange a piece of femininity for something else? Something we don’t yet know exactly what it is… I wanted to know more.

And I found everything I read about it online to be rather off-putting. The variety of opinions was confusing and the range of products didn’t appeal to me at all. My friends felt the same way. And that’s why NOBODYTOLDME exists today. I quit my job at Google to break the taboo of menopause, to educate, and to offer products and services that are proven to help. And to make sure that not every woman over 40 has to embark on the journey alone. Whether it’s to go to the next doctor’s appointment better prepared, to finally find something that helps you sleep, or to simply better understand what’s going on in our bodies right now.

NOBODYTOLDME about menopause.

And that’s about to change.


You can also start something new again in the middle of your life …

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