Portrait von martina Davidson aus Berlin in Schwarz-Weiß
Portrait von martina Davidson aus Berlin in Schwarz-Weiß

"Pictures of a woman at 46: my complete account!"

Schwarz-Weiß Foto von Martina Davidson fotografiert von Markus C. Hurek
Martina Davidson, 46 - Photo: Markus C. Hurek

“Pictures of a woman at 46: my complete account;-)” Martina wrote to me on Instagram when I called out the fact that women over 40 are so little visible in the media. I had complained that “when I search for pictures of women in midlife, that is, women between 40 and 60, there is very little to no selection of them in image databases. At least not in the image databases we can afford as a still fragile startup.

Images of demoralized women then appear – so all menopausal, I guess? – And images of blissful grandmothers…”

Martina Davidson is a beauty expert and works as an international skincare trainer for special and sustainable cosmetic brands, and as a make-up artist she has been in the beauty world for over 20 years. Inner and outer beauty as well as naturally relaxed aging – these are just some of the topics Martina addresses on Instagram and as a writer for HEYDAY – Magazine.

In this voice message, Martina explains her thoughts on the matter:

“Hello dear Susanne, I’m talking to you right now because it’s easier that way for a moment. I hope that is in order. First of all, thank you for your inquiry. Super idea. Meanwhile, it struck me that it is not at all about, I think, that one now the topic of aging, gray hair, menopause, … at least not as a matter of priority. It’s insanely good to do it, of course.

The point is to see the visibility of women in all their individuality, their very personal way of dealing with aging, but also the diversity of life plans, of appearance,
in a natural and self-evident way. 

That’s what it was all about. Even more than finding accounts that address this, because it’s just one aspect of a life, a forty-something life. And way beyond that, of course.

So if at some point we manage that this just becomes normal and that these women have visibility and also here, for example, through this, reach and relevance, a lot will change in the economy as well. I had the conversation yesterday with a friend who has a magazine, just for this target group. He says it is a big challenge to find cooperation partners, because this target group is not seen. Great work you are doing. Best regards, see you soon.” – Martina Davidson

Martina went on to write: “… it’s true, there are few stock photos… however, here on Instagram, for example, there are endless accounts of great women over 40. Masses of them.

Every like, every follower, every share boosts the visibility of these women. The greater their reach, the more relevant.

And so you can find Martina’s selection of Instagram accounts here: “There would be so many more. So it’s more like not a top 10 but 10 out of many…”

@mrsimperfection - Corinna 📸 Vienna
Instagram Profil von @mrsimperfection
@heyday_magazine - HEYDAY Magazine
Instagram Account von @heyday_magazine
@sharon.berkal - Sharon Berkal
Instagram Account von @Sharon.Berkal
@paulinaporizkov - Paulina Porizkova
Instagram Account von Paulina Porizkova
@elena.lustig - Elena Lustig 💥 ProAgeYoga
Instagram Account von Elena Lustig
@romy.stangl - Romy Stangl
Instagram Account von Romy Stangl
@iam_by_angelikabuettner - Angelika Buettner - I AM
Instagram Account von @iam_by_angelikabuettner
@britta.bodo - Britta 52🤩
Instagram Account von @britta.bodo
@barbara_lutz_model - Barbara Lutz
Instagram Account von @barbara_lutz_model
@and.bloom - Dee
Instagram Account von @and.bloom
@bettinarust - Bettina Rust

Martina: “But of course also great women like Bettina Rust. Who, in their own way, are very smart, cool and funny, and also provide visibility…”

Instagram Account von @bettinrust

And of course there is the account of Martina herself:

@martinadavidson__ - Martina Davidson
Instagram Account von @martinadavidson__

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