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Susanne Liedtke
Susanne Liedtke
… to set up a course like the BODY RESET course. Here is my thank you to everyone and if I have forgotten anyone, please be sure to let me know. Sometimes I can’t see the wood for the trees.

The BODY RESET course and therefore also this workbook would not exist if it hadn’t been for the support, encouragement and sometimes endurance of many great women and a handful of men.

I would like to thank Clivia Ahnfeld, who gave me the tip about Dr. Sara Gottfried’s book. I would like to thank Dr Sara Gottfried, Dr Michael Greger, Bas Kast, Dr Lisa Mosconi, Dr William Li, Dr Neil Barnard, Dr Beck, Dr Sheila de Liz and many other doctors and science journalists for compiling and preparing the connections between nutrition and health.

I would like to thank Jessika Brendel, who said a year ago: “Why don’t you start with the Body Reset and make an Instagram story out of it? I thank Hemma Mosing, who was the very first to sign up on 23 December. I’d also like to thank all the other women from the first hour, who just went on this “crazy trip to the inside” on 1 January – without knowing exactly what was in store for them. Thanks also to all the Hen Gang who turned up in such numbers, chicken coop style.

Thank you to all the participants of all the courses for the recipe ideas, the quotes, the feedback and for being willing to even show up with a photo on NOBODYTOLDME.com. Most of all, thank you for your trust.

I also thank you for every recommendation to friends, sisters, daughters, mothers and colleagues. And now I almost forgot the good conversation in the WhatsApp groups. Thank you for that. All the questions, the photos and the tips were and will remain valuable for many participants to come.

I would like to thank Sabine Hinrichs for the bag of ideas, the labour-intensive layouts, the everlasting good humour and the friendship. I thank Dr. Christina Enzmann for her openness and time to support me in this endeavour. I thank Rilana Schnell von Werne and Claudia Oltmann for logo, CI and pearls of penmanship. I thank Baets Neidhardt for the exclusive Detox Yoga, so that all participants can now also enjoy it. I thank Sandrine for all the tips and for spotting my typos. I thank Sandra’s husband for proving that a BODY RESET can also bring a great body feeling for men. And I thank Sandra too. I thank nutrition expert Stephanie Leßmann for her expertise in Ayurveda. I thank Julia Rittereiser, founder of Kora Mikino for sparring. I thank Antonius Conte, founder of Naturkraftwerke, for the insights into entrepreneurship and for the most delicious and sustainable nut puree I have ever eaten. I thank Anna Hoehn for her strategic foresight. I thank Anja von Bodecker for the most aesthetic portrayal of big business. I thank Clara Butt for these unbelievably good texts. I thank Anna for a place to stay in Berlin and for wonderful evenings. I thank Ulrike and Andreas for the good conversations. I thank Inken and Mirko for the imaginary prepping of the invitation to the lion’s den that never arrived. I thank Frank for the ideas we will implement together. I thank “my” two developers Rafia and Nida for navigating me safely through WordPress, Mailchimp, WooCommerce and Shopify. I thank photographer Ava Sol for the beautiful photos. I thank Vodafone for holding the internet. I thank the whole team of the gardening company Grünkorb and Biokiste Hamburg for supplying us with local vegetables and masses of lemons all year round. I thank my tax advisor for keeping everything under control for which I have zero perspective myself.

I thank Katinka Magnussen, Zisa Trautmann, Julia Moehn, Kristina Appel and Nicole Ingra for inviting me to their podcasts: GEFÜHLSECHT, WIR ARBEITEN DRAN , shrtcttng. I thank Alexa von Heyden, Alexandra Höß, Miriam Stein, Natali Michaely, Lena Schindler, Britta Reggelin and again Jessika Brendel for their interest in interviews about BODY RESET. I thank the actress Paula Paul, the alternative practitioner Ina Asmus-Brütt and the colour and style consultant Nadine Wittig for the interviews they gave me.

I thank my mother, who leads a quite content life, expects nothing and would give the shirt off her back. I thank my sister and niece for conjuring up broccoli sprouts just when I needed them. I thank Otto for cooking the many mega delicious vegetarian dishes and for explaining the jokes I wouldn’t understand otherwise. I thank Anna for being there, for spreading good cheer and for the sourdough breads that have no equal. I thank Johannes for inviting Anna to the theatre back then.

I thank Wolf for putting up with my restless nature, for the wise words, the understanding where others no longer understand anything, and for the stoic calm that nothing, but absolutely nothing, can shake (I love that about you). You are my rock.

Thank you for reading this, whether analogue in the workbook or here on the blog. You are contributing as a reader and/or participant so that there will be many more BODY RESET courses. Thank you for that. Thank you all.

WE ARE LIKE A REALLY BIG GANG or like a village.


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