“When the colours are right, wrinkles, age spots and dark circles fade into the background,” says Nadine Wittig, colour and style consultant and costume designer from Munich. I interviewed her:
“Especially with the challenges that metamorphosis presents us with during menopause, colours help us to stay in our balance and redefine ourselves. Because colours not only have an effect on our appearance, but subtly affect deeper layers of our being and influence our mood and our outward appearance. Of course, colours also have a great impact on our appearance. Colours can make the small wrinkles, dark circles or age spots that smile at us from the mirror one morning “disappear”. Used skilfully, colours act like a soft focus and wrinkles and the like fade into the background, making us look years younger. Colours give us strength, a special radiance and should always make the best of us visible.” In her consultations, Nadine captures the different personalities of her clients and translates them into an individual style.
You can find Nadine at www.nadinewittig.com Camera & Editing: Andy Löw Finetuning: Elias Schering CI: Rilana Schnell from Werne Photos: Esther Neumann, Janine Guldener