Yesterday I received this email and I’m still beside myself. I’m so happy to be able to share this with you. But first things first: Thank you, Stefanie, for taking the time to send me this email.

When I read something like this, it encourages me to show many more women what they can do for themselves with a BODY RESET.

Dear Susanne, So, now I finally have to write to you and tell you briefly about my personal journey: My friend Anja recommended your course to me. During the first conversation – before Anja’s first time – I thought I had NO problems at all with the menopause. All the aches and pains had a different origin ; ) And anyway: no cappuccino, no gin and tonic, no pasta????? And, hey, I live a totally healthy life. When Anja told me about her trip and was about to go for the second time, I was more open to a change. My father had a stroke, my mother-in-law has severe dementia – you have to be able to do something yourself……and what? Joint pain might have something to do with hormones? So I signed up for the hormone reset course in March. Hooray!!! On the 4th day I puked my guts out (sorry), couldn’t eat anything for 2 days. And then, around day 8, wow, everything like new. Perfect digestion, finally restful sleep, great skin, I can eat everything again (cabbage, radishes, sauerkraut). And it’s stayed that way ever since.

"Actually, I thought I was living healthy before."

Actually, I thought I was already living healthily (lots of vegetables, few animal products, yoga almost every day), but the course showed me where the adjustment buttons are. I actually changed my diet a lot again WITHOUT having to give up anything in the end, and I stuck to it. I now eat more light-heartedly, without a guilty conscience, more enjoyably, better! I have lost 5 kilos, my rosacea has healed, my sleep is restful, my cholesterol and all other blood values are perfect. I am also seeing a friend who specialises in naturopathy for women. Sassi also has some great tips from the herb garden that have solved the last of my problems. Maybe she would be a great guest lecturer? She would fit right in and really has a few simple tricks and suggestions up her sleeve. Here is an interview with Elle. As a refresher and because I couldn’t make all the Zoom meetings in March, I would have liked to take part a second time. But it’s summer holidays in Bavaria and the best holiday weeks are the first 2 in September. That’s why I’m travelling with my family and hope for another date in autumn! All the best, Stefanie”

Wow. I was so amazed at the lasting effect of the BODY RESET – also in combination with the tips mentioned by the alternative practitioner Saskia Straße von Ridder – and now I wanted to know exactly what Stefanie has retained. Here is her answer:

Dear Susanne, You are very welcome to use my email. Also with my name. What have I kept: – In the morning often a glass of diluted apple cider vinegar. Otherwise 3 threads of saffron infused with hot water (tip from Sassi). max. 2 espressos a day (after that comes the heat, but it’s worth it to me…) – Only milk substitute (I mix oats with almond milk) no more butter, ghee for cooking high quality olive oil (I have always used it) – I bake the Bauck bread with nuts once a week* otherwise my “really sour” sourdough bread with pure wholemeal rye flour in the meantime. – when I feel like something sweet, then dark chocolate and/or nuts no sugar – and when I do eat cake, I don’t compromise (i.e. no cheap bakery buns or anything like that). alcohol 1-2 times a week zero meat – often in the morning a porridge with frozen raspberries and soy yoghurt 2 tablespoons of linseed meal or 1 tablespoon of linseed oil daily lots of pulses (chickpeas, cannellini beans, lentils) lots of green vegetables (ottolenghi’s pointed cabbage, savoy cabbage, spinach, etc.) rocket salad all over – or lots of fresh green herbs – we often have something with aubergine Sweet potatoes instead of potatoes – Rumo Whole wheat pasta pasta is really tasty – an egg every now and then – and also mushrooms from time to time – and sometimes a fish Sour cabbage goes with everything (delicious with pancakes) – every now and then a carrot to nibble on – always a pot of tea on the table (here I also have a delicious blend of Sassi with hop blossoms) almond jam on bread with fresh strawberries or avocado or radishes or rocket salad no white flour if possible (except in restaurants, with friends,..) Almonds, pistachios, walnuts are my little friends date sweetener – lots of berries – otherwise, vegetables and salad have always been my fruit of choice – after the meal Heidelberger Pulver* (a bitter powder from Wurzelsepp* in Munich ;)) ………….. So you see, I’m doing well and I have enough to eat ; ) My advantage is that my eldest daughter (19) has been a vegetarian for a long time and is very open to the whole thing. My husband fasted in February and read the books by Dr. Michalsen*. And he loves to cook according to Ottolenghi. So another perfect partner. My son (17) and especially my youngest daughter (13) are always a bit special. But that’s okay too. Then there’s a bit of meat or sausages with the vegetables or pancakes. Best regards, Stefanie

Have you also had such good experiences with the BODY RESET? Then please write to me. Through such reports, many more women can do something good for themselves. Stefanie’s writing is so positively contagious. Thank you again, Stefanie.

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