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Menopauselike a woman.

Menopause affects all women. It seems obvious that we should know as much as possible about it. We have to be properly prepared for what is coming our way. To deal with it accordingly. To determine how we want live in this chapter of our life. In-depth information is absolutely vital. Then why does nobody talk to us about it? NOBODYTOLDME is here to change that.


There is no substitute for a good night’s sleep. But what if we suddenly have trouble falling asleep, wake up more often or endlessly toss and turn at night? And what does our sleep have to do with our hormones?


As we approach menopause, we can be plagued by mood swings. If we have suffered from PMS before, there is a high probability that we will also be overwhelmed by sudden anger, sadness or depression during perimenopause and sometimes for reasons unknown afterwards.


The libido of us women is quite complex anyway. And it doesn’t get any easier with menopause: for some of us, lust becomes less. No wonder: many experts say that our libido is determined up to 70% by our hormones. And that’s what menopause is all about. One more reason to go deeper into this.


A few nights of poor sleep can already lead to exhaustion. When the usual madness of everyday life is added to the mix, all you want to do is pull the blanket over your head and sleep. And most of the time you can’t even do that.


The decrease in estrogens can lead to intestinal sluggishness when staying on the same diet as before. In other words, things don’t work so smoothly here either. Knowing this, we can understand it better and act accordingly.


Have you ever tried sliding down a water slide without water? That’s what it feels like when the skin becomes dry not only on the outside but also on the inside. Vaginal dryness is another menopausal issue that you don’t tend to discuss casually over coffee. It’s a shame really, because many of us are affected by it. Fortunately, we don’t have to just put up with it.


All of a sudden we gain weight despite not eating more. The main reason for this is that we lose muscle mass as we grow older. And less muscle mass means a decreased basal metabolic rate. So if we want to maintain our weight, we can’t just keep eating the way we did before. But what can we do?


“What’s that woman’s name again? Damn, I just was introduced to her yesterday.” A classic case of brain fog. A very appt expression. And in this mental fog, clear thoughts, the ability to concentrate and the most banal information seem to disappear. The good news: it’s not early-stage dementia or a brain tumour. It’s simply due to less estrogen being produced and so less of it can dock onto the receptors in our brain.


Not knowing what to expect can be scary. Since no one has ever told us what we might experience during the menopause, we will simply have to find out ourselves. Because the better we know what is happening and why, the better we can understand it. And this will allow us to deal with it better and more confidently.


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Dr. Christina Enzmann is a gynecologist and certified member of the North American Menopause Society. She completed her education at the renowned university hospital Hamburg-Eppendorf – the UKE – and worked there until she moved to Baltimore in the USA due to family reasons. In addition to her clinical work, she has set herself the task of helping women with menopausal symptoms. “I want to help every woman in this important phase of her life to get the information she needs to make the right choice for herself.” Dr. Enzmann advises us on all medical questions.”

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